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Photo of a house with outdoor lighting

Catron County, New Mexico is located in such an undeveloped area that it features This link opens in a new windowBortle Class 1 skies, the best possible for astronomy.

The subdivision currently has 11 private observatories, including one resident with the largest reflective telescope in New Mexico. There are 6 astronomy pads currently under construction that can be leased. For more information contact the store.  The CCRs contain restrictions on outdoor lighting that limit the height, wattage, and placement of outdoor fixtures. Dusk-to-dawn lighting is also prohibited.

The variable topography at Top of the World means that you can find a lot with a high hill that places your observatory above the surrounding homes. Because DSL broadband Internet service is available at every lot line, remote control of your telescope is possible. To see more astrophotos taken from Top of the World, visit the Photos pageor goto

Photo of a greenhouse
M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.
Astro photographs provided courtesy of Taimur Khan, taken at Top of the World, November, 2008

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