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Why Buy Land Here?

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Top of the World Land is a quiet and peaceful retreat for those who wish to escape from the busy city and rest in the grassy plains, wooded hills and tranquil valleys.

At Top of the World we look after each other, most residence are in retirement age group, between 55-70. We enjoy morning walks, clear skies, viewing wild life, our pets and animals and the close knit community our subdivision offers. In March of 2021 construction of gates is scheduled to be completed, making Top of the World a gated community.

Located on the Continental Divide at 7,800 feet elevation, Top of the World Land features excellent access, great views and a refreshing lifestyle. To see just some of beauty Top of the World Land has to offer, please visit our photo gallery. To view the subdivision layout, please visit the Maps page.

Below are just some of the reasons to choose Top of the World for your recreational or retirement property. Take a look around our Web site, then feel free to contact us to learn more or to schedule a visit. No appointment is necessary if you would like to just drop by, but if we know a little bit about you prior to your visit, we can provide a tour of our properties that is tailored to your specific needs.


New Mexico is dry country, and few rural subdivisions have the potential to provide the water that is essential not only for drinking and cooking, but watering your gardens. In many subdivisions, residents have to purchase water and have it hauled to tanks on their property. At a cost of 10 cents per gallon, this quickly adds up to a significant expense. Daily indoor per capita water use in the typical single family home is 69.3 gallons1, meaning that it would cost more than $2,500 per year to purchase water, not to mention the inconvenience.

At Top of the World, we have a community well that our landowners are allowed to use indefinitely if they choose to haul water to their property. The well is strong (30 gallons per minute) and the water taste and quality are excellent. Many of our full-time residents have elected to drill their own wells, and have had great success. In fact, Top of the World currently has eleven wells (map), ranging in flow from 10 to 40 gallons per minute. Also, there are two wells just outside of the development, one of which provides water to every resident of Pie Town, three miles away. Some of our lots have better potential for a successful well than others; a hydrological report is available on request.

1. This link opens in a new windowAmerican Water Works Association

Photo of a well drilling rig in action
Several very strong wells exist at Top of the World. This one yields 40 gallons per minute.


Electricity is another thing you may take for granted if you have been living in town, but when considering the purchase of land in a rural subdivision, it is something you need to carefully consider. Top of the World has electric service established on or near many lots, and the greatest distance from any of our lots to an established power line is only a mile or so (map). Of course, if you choose to use solar power for all or part of your electricity needs, this area has excellent potential, with This link opens in a new windowmore than 6.0 kWh/m2/Day.

Telephone and Internet Service

Telephone land lines and DSL broadband Internet service is currently available at all lots. Cell phone signal strength varies from lot to lot, but is quite strong in several parts of the subdivision. In fact, many of our residents have chosen to use cell phones for all of their telephone and Internet needs; one of our residents uses Verizon Mobile Broadband and a cell phone signal amplifier to achieve download speeds of 1,500 to 2,000 Kbps. Satellite Internet service is also available.


Top of the World is adjacent to U.S. Highway 60, a well-maintained highway. In fact, none of our lots are more than three miles from the pavement. This may not seem very important in retirement, but consider the fact that you will still want to travel, grocery shop, and socialize. The long trip over rough, slippery roads that many subdivisions require loses its charm in a hurry, and the wear and tear on your vehicle can be significant. While our roads are not considered "all weather" and do get muddy after heavy rain or snow, at least you won't have to travel very far to reach the pavement. UPS and FedEx deliver to the Top of the World Land sales office, and there is a Post Office in Pie Town. A grocery store, laundromat, and storage units are available at the subdivision entrance.

Emergency Services

Pie Town (three miles away) has both a This link opens in a new windowVolunteer Fire Department (This link opens in a new windowISO Class 6/9) and an Emergency Medical Service. While we hope that you never need to use them, it is nice to know that emergency services are available nearby. Also, be aware that many major home insurance companies will refuse to insure your home unless it is within five miles of a fire department. If you are looking for a place to build your dream retirement home, you and your mortgage lender will probably want to insure it, so the accessibility of Top of the World is a valuable feature.

Photo of a fire truckPhoto of an ambulance and an emergency helicopter
Pie Town (3 miles away) has both volunteer fire and emergency medical services.


Our lots offer something for everyone, from open fields perfect for horses and unobstructed views, to secluded wooded areas where you can't see another soul. When considering the purchase of a lot, the acreage alone will not guarantee your privacy – 10 acres in a subdivision that has no trees can feel like city living, while the same acreage in or near the woods can feel like your own private world. Check our subdivision map, click on a property, and you will see photos that give you an idea of how dense the tree cover is on each lot.

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