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Why Buy Land Here?


Lot prices range from $2,000 per acre to $4,500 per acre, depending upon location. For the price of a specific lot, please contact us. Owner financing is available for a 20-year term, and title is insured.

Photo of two horses
Horses are allowed at Top of the World, and many lots are well-suited to them.


CCRs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) do apply at Top of the World. A copy of these is available upon request, but here are some of the most important regulations in place to help protect your investment:

  • Conventional building materials must be used in all construction, and all structures must be constructed in compliance with applicable building codes.

  • Residential dwellings must be at least 600 square feet of heated living area, and no RV, trailer, tent, camper, etc. may be used as a residence. Indoor plumbing is required, and outhouses are prohibited. Vacation camping is allowed up to 180 days per year.

  • Lots may not be subdivided, and no more than two residential dwellings shall be situated on any Lot.

  • Mobile homes are allowed, but must be less than ten years old at the time they are placed on the property.

  • No portion of the Lot may be used to store anything that causes the Lot to appear unclean or untidy.

  • No business venture may be conducted on the Lot if it is obnoxious, noisy, or offensive.

  • The natural vegetation on the Lot shall be left undisturbed, except for clearing necessary to build a residence and thinning of vegetation for fire safety. Landscaping shall consist primarily of native species.

  • All domestic animals shall be confined within the boundaries of the Lot.

  • Exterior lighting must comply with the International Dark Sky Association approved fixtures specifications. Outdoor light fixtures must be a maximum of 60 watts, and dusk-to-dawn lighting is prohibited.

  • Subdivision roads are private property and intended for the use of landowners and their invited guests only. No structure is allowed with 50 feet of a road right-of-way.

This is only a short sample of the CCRs provided for your convenience. You are responsible for obtaining and complying with a complete copy of the CCRs. If there are any discrepancies between the information on this page and the legal CCR document, the legal document will govern.

Construction Services

Access to services and equipment is very important in selecting your building lot, and can greatly reduce your construction costs. Building your home at Top of the World is made a little easier because there are licensed contractors nearby. Also, the developer owns several pieces of heavy equipment and can assist you in grading and clearing your lot.

Photo of a man using a float to smooth out concrete
Skilled, licensed contractors are available.

All owners are allowed to remove fill material from a gravel pit located on the subdivision. One owner who needed 350 yards of fill for her foundation saved thousands of dollars in delivery costs because the fill and a dump truck were available just a few lots away.

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