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Why Buy Land Here?

Dark Skies

Bortle Class 1 skies, variable topography, and outdoor lighting restrictions are just some of the many reasons why Top of the World is an ideal place to build your private observatory. Please visit the Astronomy page to learn more.


Top of the World has a mild, four-season climate. While winter temperatures occasionally drop well-below zero, snow seldom stays on the ground for more than a few days, with the notable exception of the winter of 2009-2010. Summer highs are typically in the 80s, and annual rainfall is about 14 inches, most of which is received during the monsoon season of July and August. The This link opens in a new windowUSDA Plant Zone for the local Pie Town area is 6a.

The table below shows the Pie Town average minimum and maximum temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit, and the average precipitation in inches. (Period of Record : 9/ 1/1988 to 3/31/2009 - Western Regional Climate Center)

Month Average
Jan 42.3 20.7 0.92 11.0
Feb 46.5 22.8 0.73 7.0
Mar 54.0 26.8 0.94 5.6
Apr 62.8 32.8 0.51 1.9
May 72.4 41.9 0.84 0.5
Jun 81.5 50.5 0.50 0.0
Jul 82.0 53.4 2.45 0.0
Aug 78.6 52.3 2.86 0.0
Sep 73.7 46.5 1.56 0.0
Oct 64.3 37.9 1.07 1.9
Nov 50.6 27.2 0.79 5.3
Dec 42.0 19.9 0.99 10.5
Annual 62.6 36.1 14.15 43.8

Photo of a greenhouse
A greenhouse, such as this one purchased as a kit, can allow you
to grow produce year-round in our climate.


The soil types vary greatly, even within the same lot, but sandy or loamy soils can be found in many parts of Top of the World. This is an important consideration for your septic system, as well as for gardening and landscaping. Only one soil test has been performed for gardening purposes, and it showed an alkaline loam soil deficient in boron, potassium, and phosphorus, but adequate in organic matter and other micronutrients.


Catron County features three National Forests, large amounts of BLM land, and the Continental Divide Trail, which will soon pass right by our front door. Catron County has one of the fifteen lowest population densities in the United States (excluding Alaska) 1, so there is lots of room to roam.

Big game hunting opportunities include trophy elk, mule deer, and antelope. In fact, 29 bulls in Boone and Crockett records were taken in Catron County, including 22 typical and 7 non-typical entries for American elk 2. Catron County is also known as one of the best spots in the nation to chase trophy antelope bucks3. To learn more about the endless opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping, astronomy, and other outdoor pursuits, please visit the About the Area page.

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3. This link opens in a new windowCatron County's Mega Pronghorn, Game & Fish

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